Conservation Framing

Conservation framing in Wakefield

If you are looking to frame an important piece of original artwork, you can come to us. At Bevelo Picture Framers, we offer specialised conservation framing services.

Artwork protection

At Bevelo Picture Framers, we have the experience to keep your fine art prints protected from any external damage. We take care to complete framing in the most appropriate manner to prevent any erosion to the paint on the picture. We specialise in conservation techniques which block any air and liquid pollutants from penetrating through the frame. As a result, your works of art remain protected.

We take precautionary measures against the damage caused by light particles. We utilise the correct box frames and spacers to keep the glass and the artwork separate. We also have a special offer for artists. Get in touch for more details.
artwork framing

Latest conservation techniques

We utilise the latest conservation techniques to keep your pictures, art prints and memorabilia protected. This includes:
  • Utilising acid-free mounts
  • Using quality barrier board
  • Using PH neutral tape
  • Using special UV protective art glass
Take a look at our trade services.
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For conservation framing services in Wakefield,
call Bevelo Picture Framers on 
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